Gratiartis team dedicate this concert in memory of Prof. Osman Arnautovic  

Sat 15 Oct 2016 from 19:00 to 22:00

BOZAR - Studio - Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels

Production: Gratiartis

About Damir Imamović - Sevdah Takht 

Damir Imamović (vocals/tambur), Ivana Đurić (violin), Ivan Mihajlović (el. bass), Nenad Kovačić (percussion)


(Before the concert, Damir Imamovic provides handy listening aids by explaining and performing excerpts from the Sevdah genre)


After a successful solo project and a Trio of his own, Bosnian Sevdah musician Damir Imamović (b. 1978, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) makes a new turn with his new band named: Damir Imamović Sevdah Takht.

“Takht” used to be a name for small, chamber groups which travelled throughout the Mediterenean and played traditional music of the region. The word “takht” is of a Persian origin and denotes a “stage”, “throne”, “plank” and similar. In Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian it was preserved idiomatically as “tahta” which denotes a “plank”, “tahtali” which means “flat” and associates a so-called “flat song/singing” – one of the most important origins of the today’s Sevdah music genre.

Damir Imamović Sevdah Takht calls upon a tradition of bands that cross the borders of actual genres and learn from different traditions. After two very successful CDs with his own Damir Imamović Trio and a couple of CDs solo, with this new band Imamović steps in a direction of understanding sevdah as a genre based on a continuous learning and research. Alongside Imamović, Sevdah Takht are: 

  • Ivana Đurić (b. 1984 Sarajevo, Bosnia) - Since childhood she studied classical European music in Sarajevo and attended National school of music and dance in Aurillac (France). Famous Russian violinist Maxim Vengerov made a documentary UNESCO film with Ivana in 1997 in which they performed Bach's Double concert for violin together. The same year Ivana was one of two young musicians who presented Luciano Pavarotti with an award at the opening ceremony for Pavarotti centre in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

She played in National orchestra of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Public radio for several years. Today she lives in Sarajevo where she works as a studio and session musician. She is considered one of the best solists in traditional music of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


  • Nenad Kovačić (b. 1982, Zagreb, Croatia) – A percussionist and a rhythm student with big experience of working on rhythms from the Balkans. In Zagreb he runs a school of African rhythms which he founded after studying with some of the greatest living masters of the craft from Western Africa.

He writes for theatre and film and is a regular member of bands such as Afion, Antenat, Naš mali Afro Band.


  • Ivan Mihajlović (b. 1980, Kladovo, Serbia) – One of the most interesting young bass players and authors in the music scene of Belgrade. Regularly plays in bands such as Naked, SviNaPod, Menson Benson, Plava kuća.

He spent some time learning in the USA. He writes music for film and theatre.






Production: Gratiartis  |  Collaboration: BOZAR  |  Project leader: Nedzad Cengic