Viophonia Gratiartis @ The Balkan Trafik Festival

The Balkan Trafik! Festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary from 14 till 17 April: more than 40 concerts, screenings and happenings will take place during this very special edition. Balkan Trafik has put together a programme of names with an international flavour, but also artists who are recognised in their own country: you are invited to a masterclass with the director Emir Kusturica, to Frank London’s The Glass House Project concert, and to a unique project that is 100 % Balkan Trafik! This intercultural creation brings together the Belgian-Tunisian musician Jawhar and the tzigane singer Mitsoura.  

BT Pub

Balkan Trafik is also about being immersed in an exotic atmosphere and context, with special events, wines from Vino Zirkus, local caterers and associative forums that are open to everyone. 


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