The Balkan Trafik! Festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary from 14 till 17 April: more than 40 concerts, screenings and happenings will take place during this very special edition. Balkan Trafik has put together a programme of names with an international flavour, but also artists who are recognised in their own country: you are invited to a masterclass with the director Emir Kusturica, to Frank London’s The Glass House Project concert, and to a unique project that is 100 % Balkan Trafik! This intercultural creation brings together the Belgian-Tunisian musician Jawhar and the tzigane singer Mitsoura.  

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Balkan Trafik is also about being immersed in an exotic atmosphere and context, with special events, wines from Vino Zirkus, local caterers and associative forums that are open to everyone. 

  • Courrier des Balkans “10 years in the Balkans” – This workshop will concentrate on the political and social evolution of the Balkans over the past decade with input from Jean-Arnault Dérens (historian and journalist), Belgzim Kamberi (journalist, and president of the Preševo Committee for the Protection of Human Rights), Jovana Papovic (sociologist and journalist) and Nicolas Moll (historian) – Workshop - 16/04/16 
  • Preporod – Choir from Bosnia-Herzegovina, made up of several singers of traditional Sufi music - 15/04/16. Presence at the festival for the concert and other activities, but also at the British Junior Academy of Brussels and at the University hospital of Saint-Luc. 
  • Halka – For the group Halka, their music is a symbol of entente between the three religions. They believe that the Sevdalinka, more commonly referred to as Sevdah (traditional Bosnian music), that they now mix with more modern sonorities, is truly representative of the country’s DNA - 16/04/16 
  • Viophonia Gratiartis Violin & Piano duo – a unique group of artists from Bosnia and Serbia. An encounter between a superb violinist and a successful concert pianist. Their compositions represent a rewriting of the Sevdah and are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine - 15/04/16 
  • The Comic Strip of the 10th edition: Through the eyes of two children, a little girl and boy, both paediatric oncology patients, explain the music and cultures of the Balkans in around thirty pages. It is a journey through the Balkans in search of the culture of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and their large Rom community. This comic strip will be given away for free during concerts and workshops organised at the University hospital of Saint Luc. A cartoon drawn by the artist Catherine Fradier aka CÄät. 
  • Vino Zirkus – Come and sample a selection of Balkan wines at Vino Zirkus!


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